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Join Gerry on his walking tour around Cork City (3:26 minutes) © Tourism Ireland

Hi! I’m Gerry Miller. Welcome to Cork city! I’m really looking forward to showing you around. So, let’s go! What I love about Cork is that you don’t need a car. You can walk anywhere. Over my shoulder is Saint Anne’s - Shandon. Well, it’s called the ‘four faced liar’ because at the time the winds would blow the hands. The four clocks very often showed different times. You can go into the building. Go up. You can ring the bells. What I would do is go further up the top, get out onto the parapet and the view is just fantastic.

This is part of the Shandon Walk - all the old little higgly, piggly streets here and it’s a great place to walk around.
Now, here we are at Linehan’s - Cork’s oldest sweet shop.
Hello Dan!
Hello Gerry! How are ye boy?
Geez, you’re here a fair bit of time, aren’t ye? Eighty, eighty odd years. And my favourite was always ‘clover’
They were just made some time back. Now, I’m waiting for them to cool.
And do you make them all here on the premises?
Oh! We make all our own sweets.
May I take a …?
Oh! No problem! You can’t go into an orchard without having an apple, can ye?
No, that’s for sure!

Almost every bridge you stand on in Cork, if you look up you’ll see a bridge and down you’ll see a bridge. Because there are twenty bridges altogether. You know, for a tourist, the worst thing you can say to them is go over the bridge and turn left. Eh, because you have nineteen ways of being wrong.

Here we are in Patrick’s Street. It’s one of the most busiest, vibrant shopping centres you can imagine. Anything you want, you can get it here in Patrick’s Street. But more importantly, it has the names you won’t recognise.

This is one of my favourite places here in Cork - Vibes and Scribes. I remember seeing one time the complete works of William Shakespeare. We were looking in the window and I remember saying to a man, do you know, didn’t that man turn out a fair volume of work? He said, he did and he did it all with a feather. Amazing! I’ve always liked books anyway, and if you like books this is the place to come really.

This is the English Market. You can’t get better food anywhere in Cork.
That’s the job!
Excellent, excellent!
I’ve served my time as a baker actually, in Mother’s Pride bakery.
When you come to Cork you are going to have to try this. Tripe and Drisheen. Absolutely delicious! I’ll make no exaggerated claims, if a man is actually dead it will not bring him back to life. But anything else, you don’t know what you are missing.

You go to places like this in Cork if you are looking for a good night out. Any night of the week really there is something for everybody to do, no matter what age you are. This is more my kind of place. It’s fantastic, the night life is many and varied.

So there you have it. You came to see the sights but you returned because of the people and I know I’m going to see you soon.