Naming of New Development

It is Council policy that the naming of streets and spaces in the city and the naming of residential and commercial areas in major development areas (e.g. Docklands) should reflect local Cork and Irish place names. The naming of residential developments shall be approved by the local planning authority in order to avoid confusion in regard to similar names in the city. Agreement on naming should be reached prior to the launching of any advertising campaign for a development.  

Nameplates of an approved type shall be provided on all estate roads and all houses shall be provided with numbers which are legible from the adjoining road way. All estate road and street name plates shall be provided in bilingual format (Irish/English). Within the South Docks area consideration will be given to a district using Irish place names only in order to create a distinctive identity. Local heritage will be promoted by the use of local place-names or geographical historical or cultural names in the naming of new residential developments. 

The Council welcomes submissions from interested individuals or groups for naming proposals, which would appropriately reflect the local or historical context of the area of a new development. 

For advice on the use of the Irish language in the naming of new developments contact;- 

Chris Dorgan,
Communications and Irish Officer,
Corporate Affairs,
City Hall,
Cork City Council.