Biodiversity Action Plan Projects 2009

Nature in the City a guide to Biodiversity in Cork City

Biodiversity Action Plan Ref No 4.6

Cork City Council is delighted to welcome the publication Nature in the City a guide to Biodiversity in Cork City , a valuable edition to the existing series of interesting and worthwhile Heritage publications. This booklet was produced by Cork City Council with the financial support from the Heritage Council and is a timely publication in the International Year of Biodiversity. Biodiversity means the variety of life on Earth and encompasses everything from the smallest insect in our gardens to the largest whales in the ocean. It includes all living plants and animals whether rare or common. The term biodiversity is an attempt to represent in a single word the rich tapestry of life on Earth.

Cork City supports a wide and varied array of plants and animals. The green spaces of the city such as gardens, parks and areas such as the ponds and lakes, rivers and Cork Harbour provide havens for many species more usually found in rural situations. Indeed many of the urban structures of the city eg the walls and buildings also provide homes to species which specialise in living in cities.

This booklet helps to raise awareness of the wealth of nature in the city and indicates where and how nature in the city can be seen and enjoyed. This publication also gives practical tips on how to improve biodiversity and where to get further information and advice. Copies of Nature in the City a guide to Biodiversity in Cork City are available from the Heritage Officer, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork City. Tel: 021 4924757, Fax: 021 4924712 or Email: