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Plean Oidhreachta Chomhairle Cathrach Chorcaí 2015-2020

Heritage is not solely about the past.  In our rapidly changing world Heritage is also continually evolving and being created.  We are creating the Heritage of the future while trying to understand and enhance what we have inherited from the past.

It is important to balance the need for change with the desire for protection of our Heritage.  Managing our Heritage in a sustainable manner is key to the challenge of supporting the development of Cork City particularly in relation to its attractiveness and competitiveness while still improving the care of our Heritage.

The development and implementation of a Cork City Heritage Plan is a key part of achieving this balance.  A Heritage Plan can also enhance the quality of life for the people of Cork City by improving and protecting what they cherish in their own City.  This is turn can benefit the city greatly by improving the quality of life of its citizens, supporting the local economy through tourism and by adding to the general perception that Cork City is a good place to live, work, visit, learn and do business.

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The overall aim of the Cork City Heritage Plan is:

“To protect and promote the heritage of Cork City and to place the care of our heritage at the heart of the community”

Is í aidhm fhoriomlán Phlean Oidhreachta Chathair Chorcaí ná

“Oidhreacht Chathair Chorcaí a chosaint agus a chur chun cinn agus cúram ár n-oidhreachta a bheith i gcroílár an phobail”

Heritage Plan Goals

1.    Promote care and management  of our heritage 

Caring and managing our heritage is at the core of what the Heritage Plan sets out to do.  This is achieved through promoting best practice and encouraging the care, conservation and protection of our heritage. 

2.    Communicate heritage message to a wider audience and raise awareness and enjoyment of heritage

The need for better communication of the heritage message was one of the clearest outcomes from the heritage plan review process.  Good communication is required to raise awareness of heritage issues and garner public support for the protection and care of our heritage, while also facilitating greater enjoyment of Cork City’s rich heritage for everyone.  Heritage events will play a key role in attracting more people to explore and enjoy their heritage. 

3.    Support education, research and training

Learning more about our heritage by collaborating with collecting and research institutions and bodies, and commissioning research, which adds to our knowledge is important, as is providing training opportunities for those interested in managing their local heritage.

4.    Increase level of community activity for heritage and forge stronger links with business and tourism interest groups

Heritage groups and organisations, dedicated individuals and local communities play a key role in caring for and raising awareness of our heritage and in adding to our knowledge of our heritage.  Their work must be supported and we must meet the challenge of engaging more people across the city in this work in a mutually beneficial way.  Heritage also underpins the tourism industry and is an important element in outdoor recreational activities.


The Heritage Plan sets out a total of 13 objectives under these high level goals, which will be undertaken during the lifetime of the Plan.  A number of actions are attached to each objective and outline how the objective is to be met.  Each objective meets the overall aim of the plan and may contribute to more than one goal.

The Heritage Plan was officially launched in December 2015 by the Lord Mayor Cllr. Chris O Leary in the presence of members of the Heritage Forum.

  Heritage Plan Launch 2015 (2)

Launch of Cork City Heritage Plan in the presence of the Lord Mayor and members of the Cork City Heritage Forum 

 Heritage Plan 2015 Launch (1)