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Cork City has a rich reserve of Heritage encompassing Archaeology, Built Heritage, the Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage.  Examples of Heritage in Cork City include the landmark buildings of St Anne’s Shandon and St Fin Barre’s Cathedral.  It can be seen by walking through the medieval laneways of the North Main Street or along the Area of Special Character at Wellington Road/St Luke’s Cross.  It can also be experienced by visiting the unique bird sanctuary at the Lough or simply walking along the banks of the Lee at the Marina.

St. Anne's Shandon


The Heritage Act 1995 lists Heritage as items such as Monuments, Archaeological Objects, Heritage Objects, Architectural Heritage, Flora, Fauna, Wildlife habitats, Landscapes, Seascapes, Wrecks, Geology, Heritage Gardens and Parks and Inland waterways.

However, Heritage is more than just the material assets and environment of a place.  It is also about the relationship between all these elements and the people of Cork City.  It is what we as a community have inherited from the past and it is what defines Cork City, making it unique and separate from any other place.

This website provides information on many aspects of the Heritage of Cork City as well as updates on the progress with the projects from the Cork City Heritage Plan, Heritage projects, recent publications, news and events.  The development of this website is an action of the Cork City Heritage Plan.