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Employment and Land Use Survey 2016

‌‌‌The Employment and Land Use Survey 2016 (hereafter referred to as the “ELU Survey 2016”) involved a survey of every business within Cork City Council’s administrative area during Summer 2016. The survey had an excellent response rate (over 95%), with all major employers reporting. The 2016 survey is a continuation of employment surveys that have been carried out by Cork City Council every five years (apart from 1991), since the 1970’s to correspond with the national census of population.  The survey gives insight into changing economic trends for both the city as a whole and defined geographic sectors within it, such as the City Centre.

Key findings from the ELU Survey 2016 are as follows:

  • Employment in the Cork City administrative area is at an all-time high of 78,244; the Survey indicates over 9% growth in employment since 2011.
  • Employment grew at a higher rate than the state average between 2011 and 2016, which was 8%;
  • The City Centre still retains the highest share of jobs relative to other Cork City geographic sectors, but the South East and South West sectors experienced the most significant job growth between 2011 and 2016;
  • The top three sectors for employment in 2016 were: Human Health and Social Work Activities; Retail; and Administrative and Support Service Activities;
  • Cork has a specialisation in Administrative and Support Service Activities when compared to other places within Ireland. Cork has a lesser share of employment in the Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Activities (FIRE) and Information and Communication sectors, when compared to the Dublin region. However, Information and Communication is an increasing sector in Cork, demonstrated by the greatest number of jobs from new businesses (1,792) being in the Information and Communication Sector. Cork City’s Information and Communication Sector employment is predominately located in the South East and North East Suburbs. The FIRE sector is still most concentrated in the City Centre.
  • 74% of businesses in Cork City employ fewer than 10 people. These micro enterprises are most concentrated geographically in the City Centre, and economically in the Retail sector.
  • 19 organisations in Cork City employ over 500 people and provide 35% of the city’s total employment. Almost 40% of these major employers are located in the South Western sector of the City; three are located in the City Centre.
  • Over half of all new businesses since 2011 have located in the City Centre.

Please note that the ELU Survey 2016 only covers the Cork City administrative area. For ease of reference, the Cork City administrative is referred to in this report as “Cork City.” However, for clarity, it should be noted that the Cork City administrative area only forms a part of the economy of the Cork urban area. A significant share of employment associated with the city is not located within Cork City’s administrative area and is therefore not captured by the survey.

ELU Report 2016

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