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The redevelopment of the South Docks provides a unique opportunity for the city of Cork to promote high standards of sustainable and ecologically friendly design.

Achieving this will entail implementing high quality design principles, reducing travel and waste production and creating an attractive micro climate within the South Docks.

Best practise sustainability and environmental guidelines will be employed in all new developments.  Cork Docklands will be promoted  as a sustainable model for the county, region and state. 

New development should:

  • Reflect high-density development patterns in tandem with excellent public transport connections;
  • Encourage non-car modes, i.e. walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Result in low energy consumption by maximising solar gain and high energy efficiency;
  • Use energy efficient technologies such as biomass, C.H.P., geothermal and solar power;
  • Use low energy materials, recycled materials and employ high standard insulation and glazed windows;
  • Result in long life and adaptable building;
  • Minimise water/pollution sources;
  • Incorporate recycling facilities;
  • Ensure the protection of existing habitats, parks, waterways and other green areas which constitute the ecological network.