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Cork Docklands will be a truly mixed-use sustainable community alive with places to live, work and play.

The river and waterfront areas offer opportunities for water sports and more passive activities taking full advantage of pedestrian plazas and walkways that will line the waterfront. 

Throughout Docklands, a range of local services will be available, from convenience stores to cafes, bars and restaurants.   The area’s educational requirements will be served by the provision of high quality childcare, primary and secondary schools in tandem with the pace of residential development.

Medical facilities and community centres will ensure the full complement of community services is available.

Culturally, the Cork Docklands area aims to attract artists and performers to the area thanks to the proposed Events Centre, the flagship cultural facility in the former Odlum's building and the outdoor performance facilities planned. In addition provision for cultural space is also made in the main central hubs of the South Docks while the public spaces will be enlivened by the commissioning of public art.

High quality architectural design is core to the Cork Docklands philosophy and to that end a ‘confetti’ type approach, which avoids repetition and delivers architectural diversity through a mix of building types, is being employed.