Draft Guidelines for Digital Buildings Telecom Access for Cork Docklands

The Telecoms Strategy for Cork Docklands was approved by Council on July 14th 2008.  One of the recommendations of the Strategy was to encourage the delivery of carrier neutral telecommunications to each building by developing a DBTAG style document (Digital Buildings Telecommunications Access Guidelines).

These draft guidelines have been prepared in collaboration with the Cork Business Information Centre and may be downloaded below. Cork City Council agreed at its meeting of November 30th 2009 to invite submissions or observations from interested parties on the draft guidelines - the closing date for submissions was in February 2010.  Carrier neutral telecom access to buildings is important as it gives the occupants of buildings – both residential and non-residential – choice of provider and ease of switching between providers.  This will be a basic requirement in modern buildings where many more services will be delivered through Information Communications Technology.  It is essential that the telecoms access is planned from the earliest possible stage in the design process.  The following quote from the recent “Our Cities: Drivers of National Competitiveness” report prepared by Forfás for the National Competitiveness Council illustrates the importance of this approach and where it lies in the context of national policy:

 4.3.2           Telecommunications

The more limited availability of advanced communications services in Ireland’s large urban cities is of concern given that many cities with which we compete internationally are already offering 100Mbit/s services to homes and businesses.

 It is essential that an open access next generation network (NGN) is rolled out in key Irish cities as a matter of priority. City authorities should aggressively promote NGN rollout by seeking to extend existing Metropolitan Area Networks to improve their reach. This can be achieved by mandating the provision of optical fibre ducting in the planning process for all new premises and developments, and the mandatory provision of ducting as part of all State infrastructure development programmes such as roads and rail, water network upgrades and smart metering programmes.

Adherence to the Guidelines will be critical for the future competitiveness of the Cork Docklands.  After the public consultation period, it will be necessary to decide whether the guidelines will be mandatory or advisory.  The Guidelines are generic in nature and could be applied to the entire city if it was considered desirable.

Digital Buildings for Telecom Access Guidelines
Draft Guidelines for Cork Docklands