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The timely provision of infrastructure requirements for Docklands will facilitate the unlocking of key lands for development. The Infrastructure Strategy for the South Docks area is tri-nodal, based on the two Neighbourhood Centres and District Centre, which anchor the bridges and public transport hubs.

Key infrastructure includes:

  • Bridge Access and Road Access

The City Council, through its Roads and Transportation Directorate, submitted a detailed planning application and E.I.S.  to An Bord Pleanala for the development of the major roads and the Water Street and Eastern Gateway Bridges and for the necessary land acquisitions.  An Bord Pleanala held an oral hearing into the planning application and the C.P.O. of associated lands. A decision to grant permission was issued by An Bord Pleanala on 15th April 2010

  • Flood Protection and Mitigation

The South Docks area is a polder, mostly lying below high tide level. Ground levels will be raised to a minimum of 3.5mOD with perimeter protection being provided for the long term by setting a barrier level of 4.5mOD which will be integrated into the new public amenity area along the quayside.

  • Public Transport

High quality public transport is required to provide for the high levels of commuting expected into and out of Docklands. A segregated public transport corridor along Centre Park Road is proposed along with a bridge at Mill Road to link directly into Kent Station.

  • Water Supply

The existing water supply will be augmented with the provision of a new strategic supply from the east from the Glashaboy Scheme via Tivoli. 

  • Foul & Surface Water Drainage

The foul drainage system is already in place with the completion of the Cork Main Drainage 3.2m tunnel beneath Docklands which leaves only the local network to be provided.  Surface water drainage issues will be addressed by raising ground levels across the South Docks area with surface water in the future proposed to drain directly to the river.

  • Services and Utilities.

There are many utilities which need to be diverted and newly provided including HT ESB lines, strategic gas networks and telecoms.  A carrier neutral telecoms backbone will be provided throughout Docklands.