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Business and Working

Cork city is competing with other locations to attract investment and retain activities in a range of economic sectors and business functions.  Cork Docklands will be a key asset for the city as a location for business activity given its location, attractive waterside setting and it future connections with public transport and national primary roads.

The private sector will play a key role in delivering the development of Cork Docklands and it is important that the development objectives for the area match the market demand for the mix of uses in Cork and specifically Docklands.  The economic sectors that could be attracted to underpin and drive forward its regeneration were identified in the Cork Docklands Economic Study, 2007:

  • Headquarters functions, Research and Development, Back Office functions in Bio Pharma/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, ICT and Digital Media, Financial Services
  • Business Services;
  • Government/Public Sector;
  • Culture, Leisure and Tourism;
  • 3rd/4th Level Education;
  • Retail.

Cork Docklands will offer an holistic and attractive environment for business.  High quality residential accommodation will be available for people choosing to live close to their business and this will be complemented by a wide range of recreational, social and cultural facilities.