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Cork City Council established the Docklands Directorate in 2001 in order to co-ordinate and progress the regeneration of Cork Docklands. As part of this regeneration process the Directorate has progressed the development of the planning framework for the area from the publication of the Cork Docklands Development Strategy in 2001 to the adoption of detailed Local Area Plans for the North and South Docks in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

Goal of Directorate

The goal of the Docklands Directorate is:

“to actively encourage, influence and facilitate the development of Cork Docklands as a new high density mixed-use urban quarter where people, knowledge and innovation will flourish, thereby supporting Cork’s ambition as a confident, competitive, friendly city of the 21st Century.”

In order to achieve the goal, the Docklands Directorate is working closely with other directorates within the City Council and with external stakeholders.  

Role of Directorate

The role of the Docklands Directorate within Cork City Council is to act as coordinator and instigator of the promotion and development of Cork Docklands. The area has a number of advantages, including its proximity to the city centre and to good quality residential areas, a superb physical setting and active existing businesses. The Masterplan Strategy for the area – the Cork Docklands Development Strategy, 2001, envisaged a sensitive transformation of the area into a high quality living, working and leisure urban environment.

Before this aspiration become a reality it is necessary to overcome certain barriers and to put in place the necessary supporting infrastructure. This website will be a primary conduit of information for all stakeholders involved in the regeneration process. It is designed to focus on putting information into the public domain as it becomes available so that informed decisions can be made by stakeholders in the area.

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