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Derelict Sites

What Qualifies as a Derelict Site?

The definition of Derelict is set out in the Derelict Sites Act 1990 (as amended).  A site can be classified as ‘derelict’ if it meets the following criteria:

  • It contains land or structures that are in a neglected or unsightly condition.
  • It contains dangerous or ruinous structures. (Dangerous or ruinous structures are also addressed under Dangerous Structures legislation, which is managed by the Building Control Division.  Derelict Sites will work with Building Control to use the most appropriate legislation to resolve a problem.)
  • It has accumulated a lot of litter or other waste due to the vacant nature of the site and illegal public dumping/ littering.


How Do I Report a Derelict Site?

To report a derelict site, please fill out the on-line form.


Where can I find the Derelict Sites Register?

The Derelict Sites Register is available for inspection at the City Hall Reception Desk during normal opening hours.  

Please click on the link below to view the online map viewer.

Derelict Sites Register


What Happens Next?

Cork City Council will investigate all complaints.  If a site qualifies as derelict but it is considered that issues can be easily remedied within a relatively short timeframe, Cork City Council may work informally with a property owner instead of serving a legal notice.  In other instances, the City Council may serve a legal notice requiring works to be carried out, add the property to the Derelict Site’s Register (which results in a 3% annual levy on the market value of the property), or even begin steps to acquire a property.



For more information

More details about the Derelict Sites process are available on the Citizen’s Information website.  For site specific queries contact the Planning Policy Section at or 021 492 4709.