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Cork City Centre Revitalisation

A summary of the story so far in the revitalisation of Cork City Centre, prepared for the official launch of the City Centre Partnership in April 2016, can be found by clicking here:

Cork City Centre Revitalisation Brochure

Cork City Centre Strategy 2014

The Cork City Centre Strategy 2014, prepared by Colliers International for Cork City Council, aims to help deliver a ‘Healthy Heart’ for the Cork Region through the revitalisation of Cork City Centre. The strategy identifies three delivery strategies to achieve this revitalisation:

  • Improvement and development (improve public realm, services etc, development of sites and buildings for new enterprises and activities)
  • Management of the City Centre based upon a partnership of the key stakeholders;
  • Marketing of the City Centre’s offer.

Cork City Centre Strategy 2014

Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 (click on link below) put the revitalisation of the City Centre at its core and it incorporates the main objectives identified in the Cork City Centre Strategy 2014.

Implementing the Cork City Centre Strategy 2014

Cork City Council’s Cork City Centre Steering Group was established in January 2015 to implement the three key delivery strategies from the Cork City Centre Strategy 2014, with a particular focus on the following key recommendations of the City Centre Strategy:

  1. Establishment of a City Centre Partnership;
  2. Appointment of a City Centre Co-ordinator; and
  3. Transformational Projects
  • Grand Parade/Beamish and Crawford
  • New office-led quarter – eastern end of city centre/North Docks/City Harbour

A key responsibility of the Cork City Centre Steering Group is to prepare and oversee the delivery of an annual action plan to progress the revitalisation of the City Centre and to communicate to key stakeholders and the general public the wide-ranging projects being delivered to contribute to the revitalisation of the City Centre.

Key achievements in 2015

The group’s key achievements in 2015 were significant and included:

  • The preparation of the City Centre Action Plan 2015 and delivery of constituent projects;
  • Creation of City Centre Quarters, each with an Area Champion from the Steering Group to lead on the revitalisation of the area;
  • The appointment of a new City Centre Co-ordinator in October 2015; and
  • The establishment of the new City Centre Partnership, based upon a collaborative model, in November 2015.

A schedule of progress made in revitalising Cork City Centre in 2015 can be found here:

Cork City Centre Steering Group Annual Report 2015

Cork City Centre Action Plan 2016

The City Centre Steering Group has prepared an action plan for 2016 to communicate the wide range of projects and initiatives that it is directing and overseeing in 2016. The Action Plan follows the same format and structure as that in 2015, with actions under the following headings: City Centre Partnership; Transformational Projects; Economic Development; City Centre-wide projects; Quarter Projects and Transport Projects. The list of actions is not exhaustive and focuses mainly on projects which the City Council has a key role in, although some involve other partners. There are three tables:

  • Table 1: Cork City Council Projects 2016;
  • Table 2: Projects awaiting a funding source that could be delivered in the future; and
  • Table 3: Projects being delivered by the private sector.

To view the Action Plan for 2016 please click on the link below.

Cork City Centre Action Plan 2016

City Centre Quarters & Quarter Champions

A key part of the City Council’s approach is to ensure that the City Centre is a City Centre of revitalising quarters based upon collabortive effort and shared benefit. The City Centre is divided into 6 quarters, each with their own “champion” that is a senior member of staff from the Cork City Centre Steering Group. The champions will lead the City Council’s efforts in revitalising their quarters and in collaboration between the City Council and stakeholders. A planner from the Planning Policy Section works with each of the Quarter champions to progress revitalisation actions.

City Centre Quarters Map

Detailed Map of City Centre Quarters

The City Centre Quarter Champions are as follows:

City Centre Quarters

Quarter Champion

Quarter 1: Shandon

Paul Moynihan, Director of   Services

Quarter 2: North Main Street /   The Marsh

Jim O’Donovan, Director of   Services

Quarter 3: Grand Parade   Transformational Project

City Centre Strategy Steering   Group

Quarter 4: South Parish

Tony Duggan, City Architect

Quarter 5: MacCurtain Street

Gerry O’Beirne, Director of   Services

Quarter 6: Heart of the City

Patrick Ledwidge, Director of   Services

Quarter 7: South Mall / South   Channel

John Hallahan, Head of Finance

The City Centre Movement Strategy 2012 is a strategic plan to improve the transport function of the City Centre over a 10 year period, with a focus on improving streets for pedestrians and cyclists as well as improving the public transport system. Improvements are being undertaken by Cork City Council in partnership with the National Transport Authority. Further information on the delivery of the movement strategy can be found on the Roads and Transportation section of the website. To view the City Centre Movement Strategy 2012 please click on the link below.

Cork City Centre Movement Strategy 2012

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