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City Centre Neighbourhood Survey


Do you live in Cork City Centre? Is it the perfect place to live or can you see room for improvement? Would you like to help shape Cork City Council's future actions and priorities in the City Centre? If so the City Council would like to hear from you. Cork City Council is conducting a survey of City Centre residents to better understand how people feel about living in the City Centre and what residents consider to be the key issues affecting life in City Centre neighbourhoods.

Cork City Council aims to ensure, as far as possible, that the overall response is representative of all people in the City Centre (e.g. age groups / areas of the City Centre). The deadline is 7 August 2017.

Please look up the survey at

The survey can be completed in as little as six minutes, but there is space for open comments so may take more time if you have a lot to share. We appreciate your contributions to the survey!

Building Blocks

This project was carried out in 2015 by the City Council in partnership with other interested stakeholders to understand the problems facing historic buildings and to develop approaches to regeneration that goes beyond individual buildings. Project partners included: building owners; UCC Centre for Planning Education & Research, Cork Business Association, Owners, Irish Landmark Trust, Cork City Council SPED / Property section.


The project was initiated based on the need to work towards unblocking the potential of historic city centre blocks in order to address complex problems of historic building underuse, vacancy and decay.

What have we done so far? 

  • Commissioned the study ‘Keeping Cork’s characteristic buildings is use’
  • Carried out in-house research in the City Council Planning Policy section on rates of underuse, vacancy & building decay
  • Commissioned UCC Centre for Planning Education & Research  to carry out research into strategies for regeneration at building, block and area level. A summary of the research can be viewed by clicking on the following link Building Blocks Final Report.
  • Commissioned Mulcahy Ralphs Architects to prepare an architectural concept for the chosen study block on South Mall. A summary of their work can be viewed by clicking on the following link  Mulcahy Ralphs.‌
  • Started a conversation with city centre building owners, managers and occupiers
  • Held a one day seminar in October 2015 whereby interested stakeholders were gathered together to discuss the issues. A synopsis of those discussions can be viewed by clicking on the following link Circular Workshop Discussions.

What’s next?

  • Broaden and deepen the conversation with owners, agents, occupiers and users
  • Share the work already carried out with the stakeholders so that together we can develop realistic and achievable solutions to the problems identified
  • Develop relationships with people and places facing similar issues in other places so that together we can explore possibilities for improvement 

A visual of the Building Bocks study can be viewed here Visual of Building Blocks Study Block