Architectural Conservation Areas

Cork City has many areas of architectural and historic significance whose character could be protected that are representative of different periods of the city’s development and of high quality. The City Council currently protects 22 Architectural Conservation Areas (ACAs), whose character the City Council is obliged to preserve and enhance. The locations, boundary and description of each Architectural Conservation Area can be found in Volume 3 of the Cork City Development Plan 2009-2015

Works to the exterior of buildings that would affect the special character of an ACA require planning permission. Guidance on the implications of ACA designation are set out in the attached guidance note: 

Architectural Conservation Areas

It should be noted that ACA designation has many positives, including:

  • Enabling the City Council to seek a higher standard of development within or affecting the setting of an ACA; and
  • Allowing the City Council to seek a higher standard of treatment to streets and spaces.