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The Role of City Archaeologist

Archaeological remains are a non-renewable resource and so it is essential that they are properly safe-guarded and managed. Cork City’s archaeology is protected through the planning process.

The City Council recognises the archaeological assets of the city and the protection of this heritage is facilitated in its current Development Plan 2009-2015.

Development Plan Chapter 9 Built Heritage

Cork City Council employs an Archaeologist in the Planning and Development Directorate. The duties and responsibilities of the Archaeologist include:

Development Management

  • pre-planning consultations
  • evaluation of planning applications and archaeological assessments
  • notification to the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, of planning applications
  • deciding on archaeological conditions for planning applications

Planning Policy

Licensed archaeological testing, monitoring and excavation

Maintenance of a paper and photographic archive and database

Special studies and projects

Public lectures, publicity and promotion

Cork City Archaeologist,
Planning and Development Directorate,
Cork City Council,
City Hall,

Tel. 021 4924705

Fax. 021 4964712