Light Outages and Broken Lights

Public Lighting

The Public Lighting Section deals with the maintenance, upgrading and improvement of public lighting installations throughout Cork City.  The total number of public lighting columns is approximately 14,500. The maintenance of Cork City Councils public lighting is primarily undertaken by Airtricity Utility Solutions. If you wish to report a light out of order or other public lighting faults in your area there are a number of options which you can choose -

  • Contact the Airtricity Utility Solutions public lighting call centre on 1850 372 772, Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00
  • Log onto and click on the ‘Report a Fault’ tab.
  • Call the Cork City Council Roads & Transportation section on (021) 492 4189 / 492 4758
  • Email details of your fault to

In all of the above cases please have the number of the pole, building number or other landmark the pole is outside and street name on which the light is located available before reporting.
If your query relates to lights which have not been turned on in a new housing estate or for public lights in an estate which has not been taken in charge by Cork City Council please note that this is a matter for the developer of the estate and your query should be directed towards them.
ESB Networks operate a callsave 1850 372 999 number for emergencies/electricity interruptions or to report emergency situations such as fallen power lines etc. ESB Networks will not respond to non-emergency fault reports such as public lights out of order or foliage blocking public lights.

LED Public Lighting Trial

Cork City Council is currently running a trial installation of LED Public Lights at a location in the City. The LED luminaries installed as part of this trail consume approximately 55% of the energy used by conventional high pressure sodium lamps (SON). In addition to the saving on energy consumption the LED luminaries have a design life of 20 years (including both the LEDs and Luminarie). This compares favorably to the three year design life of a conventional high pressure sodium lamp and the 12 / 15 year design life for standard luminaries.
The current trial is taking place at the following location

  • Moss Lane, Riverway, South Douglas Road

The Council is interested to hear the Publics feedback in relation to the LED Public Lighting trial.