Cork City Orbital Routes

Observant drivers in Cork City will have noticed the new Road signs with J5,J6,J7,J8, etc…. The purpose of an Orbital Route is to aid driving visitors and tourists to find their way around the inner City easily.

Shopping areas, Parking, Tourist Information, Educational and Historical centers as well as Hospitals are all indicated on these new signs.

The design for the Orbital signage is similar to that of the Dublin Orbital routes, based on Departmental guidelines.

As you approach a junction, its number will always be in the blue rectangle on top.

If you are on the orbital route the main sign will have a Blue background.

If you are approaching the orbital route, the main sign will have a white background.

The direction to the next numbered junction will be clearly displayed, as well as national traffic routes, tourist office, parking and places of interest.


Orbital Route Brochure(972KB)