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Since 1st February 2013 Cork City Council has been responsible for the issuing and renewing of approval for the use of bus stops, whether existing or proposed. This is in accordance with SI 12 of 2013 and Section 16 of the Road Traffic Act 2002. Section 16 transfers the responsibilities for the location of bus stops from An Garda Síochána to the Local Authorities.

Consequently, on receipt of a formal offer of a bus route from the National Transport Authority (NTA), a bus/coach operator must also get approval from the relevant local authority for the use of a particular bus/coach stop location, whether this stop is existing or proposed.


Along with a copy of the formal offer of bus route from the National Transport Authority (NTA), the bus/coach operator must send in a request for the particular bus stop location to Cork City Council as follows:


Hard copy applications to:


Room 335,

Cork City Council,

City Hall,

Anglesea Street,





Soft copy (email) applications to email post box:

On receipt of the bus stop application, an acknowledgement email will be issued to the bus/coach operator advising that a processing time of up to 3 weeks will apply.

The bus stop application will be assessed against a number of criteria such as safety, connectivity, existing public transport services, quality of footpaths, etc. Based on the submitted information a decision will be made to accept/amend or reject the bus stop application.

Cork City Council will issue the decision letter by email to the NTA and to the bus/coach operator.


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