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Free Balance Bikes for Cork Creches

In order to promote safer cycling from a young age, Cork City Council would like to subsidise the purchase of up to two balance bikes by Crèches or other Childcare providers in Cork City.

What are Balance Bikes?

Balance bikes, also known as trainer bikes or toddler bikes have been designed for children from 18 months to 5 years old. These bikes have no pedals, so that riders can keep their feet on the ground as much as they like when using them. This allows children to learn to balance on a bike in a comparatively safe way. Children generally figure out how to use these bikes themselves, because learning to use a balance bike is like learning how to run or use a swing or slide.

If your childcare business wishes to avail of this grant, simply fill in the application form linked below and return it with the quote for your chosen trainer bike supplier, before close of business on November 1st 2013.

If demand exceeds the available funds, funds will be awarded by lottery on November 4th 2013. Successful applicants will then have two weeks to return their invoices for reimbursement. Cork City Council will later visit some of the successful applicants to see how they make use of the bikes.

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