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Plant & Machinery Department

The Plant and Machinery Department is a support service to Cork City Council. It provides a wide range of mechanical and electrical services to the directorates and other service providers. The Department’s objective is to provide these services to the highest technical standards in a cost efficient and effective manner. The types of service provided are:

  1. Plant Provision
    The hiring and maintenance of vehicles and plant including trucks, compressors, cars, vans and road sweepers . The Plant Fleet comprises over 300 items of equipment. The objective is to provide our clients with plant and equipment which is safe to use, effective for the task and cost efficient to operate. This will provide the Cork City Council with an efficient and reliable fleet for the next five years.
  2. Building Services 
    The supply, installation and maintenance of all plant in the councils public buildings, swimming pools, offices and depots. The plant maintained includes Electrical Supply equipment,         lighting,  heating, intruder detection, fire and smoke detection, CCTV equipment, pump stations and the installation of lights on Cork City Council Christmas trees.
  3. Other Services Provided include:  
    Maintenance of plant at the Waterworks, Heating systems in the Housing complexes, Energy provision and management for all buildings and plant Maintenance of City Council Waste Water and Sewerage Pumping Stations Provision of telephone communications network and call services. Inspection of abandoned cars prior to disposal.  The Department has a staff of twenty five made up of an engineer, a technician, administration staff, craftsmen and general operatives.
  4. Central Stores
    This section organises contracts for the supply of various goods, i.e. fleet fuel, bulk fuel and safety wear, to Cork City Council.