Blackpool Shandon Urban Renewal Scheme 1999 - 2002

This section of the Cork City Council website contains information about the Blackpool Shandon Urban Renewal Scheme 1999 to 2002.

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Introduction, Blackpool/Shandon in Profile: pg. 3 - 8 (PDF)(3,324KB)

Tax Incentives for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development: pg. 9 - 12 (PDF)(2,103KB)

Certification, The Sunbeam Complex, Thomas Davis Street: pg. 13 - 17 (PDF)(2,184KB)

Ballyvolane, Watercourse Road, John Street/John Redmond Street: pg. 18 - 23 (PDF) (2,127KB)

Coburg Street, Popes Quay: pg. 24 - 27 (PDF)(639KB)

Appendix 1: Conservation Guidelines for Refurbishment: pg. 28 (PDF)(31KB)

Press Release Dated 19th June 2000

Shandon and Blackpool, two of Cork city's oldest and most historic areas, are likely to undergo significant renewal, as a result of Integrated Area Plans devised by Cork City Council.

The Plans which include objectives for economic, social and environmental development will be driven by a range of tax incentives. The application of these incentives will be supported by a range of parallel measures being undertaken by Cork City Council in roads, housing and environmental improvements.

Shandon developed as a suburb of medieval Cork and by the 19th century was the focus for the thriving Butter Market. Development extended in a linear fashion to Blackpool along what was the main route, north, from Cork.

Blackpool is emerging from a period of decline after the loss of many of its traditional industries.

Significant infrastructural investment in projects such as the Blackpool By-pass and the opening of the Kilbarry railway station will greatly improve links to the city centre, airport, port and the national road network. The new Blackpool shopping Centre will act as a focus for redevelopment in the area.

The new urban renewal scheme introduces incentives for developers to bring hi-tech industrial uses, possibly linked to third level institutions, to key sites in the area such as the Sunbeam complex.

Area-wide incentives are available to owner-occupiers for refurbishment of houses constructed prior to 1920.

The Integrated Area Plans, details of which were announced today (19th June) by the Minister for the Environment and Local Government, Dan Wallace T.D. also aim to eliminate dereliction and bring vacant buildings back into productive use.

There will be a strong conservation emphasis in the renewal schemes. Cork City Council believes that the architectural variety of older buildings in Blackpool and Shandon - warehouses and houses - is one of the strengths of the area and will bring significant benefit to owners through sensitive development.

In all, some 75 acres have been selected for tax designation in Blackpool/Shandon and adjoining areas:

  • Sunbeam
  • Thomas Davis St.
  • Ballyvolane
  • Watercourse Road
  • John Street/Redmond St.
  • Coburg St.
  • Popes Quay

Press Release issued 19th June 2000