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Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations Section deals with matters relating to the employer/employee relationship between the City Council and all its staff.

Role of Section:

  • Implementation of nationally negotiated agreements.
  • The processing of Union claims, including representing the City Council at Labour Court, Rights Commissioners and other various statutory appeal Tribunal hearings.
  • Representing the City Council on negotiating parties at national level under the aegis of the Local Government Management Services Board.
  • Conducting all discussions/negotiations with the relevant Trade Unions at local level relative to all aspects of the employment, pay and conditions of service of staff.
  • Dealing with the primary research of claims for improvement in conditions of employment and the development of corporate policy in this regard.
  • Overseeing the administrative implementation of all conditions of employment for staff of the Authority both statutory and those subject to voluntary agreement.
  • Advising Management on all issues relevant to the conditions of employment of all staff including the introduction of modern human resources practices and policies.

Classes of Records Held

  • Minutes of Meetings with Unions. 
  • Details of individual disciplinary and grievance matters dealt with by the Section. 
  • Policy documents covering conditions of employment and HR practices for all staff.
  • Instructions and Guidelines.