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Management Accounting

Management Accounting is an information system designed to assist management with the allocation and control of the Council’s resources.

The section is responsible for:

  • The compilation and publication of the Annual Revenue Budget. This is done with individual directorates and departments, and is subject to review by the Corporate Policy Group before final approval by Council,
  • On-going budgetary monitoring and control,
  • Preparing and circulating financial reports and information to appropriate Council staff,
  • Monitoring and reporting on the Council's Capital Account.  This role will evolve as the organisation moves towards monthly Balance Sheet accounting.

Management Accounting also engage in various ad hoc tasks such as:

  • The recoupment of grants from external parties,
  • Reconciliation controls within the House Loan system,
  • The processing of mobile phone purchasing and billing for council staff,
  • The provision of financial information to central government (DoECLG),
  • Assisting internal customers in the use of the financial accounting and management system.
  • Assisting directorates in identifying areas where services can be delivered in a more efficient, effective or economic manner.

Contact Details

Management Accounting,
Cork City Council,
City Hall,

Tel. 021 4924528 / 4924028 / 4924534

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