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Welcome to the Finance Department

Leagan Ghaeilge

John Hallahan Head Of Finance

This section will give you an overview of the Finance Department, the functions and activities we are involved in, the documents we produce and all the necessary forms and contact details for any query you might have.

The Finance Department manages the financial resources of the Cork City Council. We manage, control and record all income and expenditure. We also arrange borrowing and leases and control the investment of funds.

Expenditure and Income is classified into programme group headings (eight) to reflect the day to day activities with which the Council is involved. Expenditure is financed from income sources such as commercial rates, government grants, refuse charges, housing rents, planning application fees and commercial water charges. Capital Expenditure is primarily funded from Government Grants (e.g. Cork Main Drainage, roads and housing) and loans borrowed for specific capital projects.

Overview of functions and activities.

Our department is divided into a number of sections in order to best meet our goal as stated above: Click on the relevant section for more information, key contacts, office opening hours and where applicable bill payment methods.


Contact Us:

Finance Department, Cork City Council, City Hall,Cork, Ireland.

Tel: +353 21 4924075

Fax: +353 21 4924640