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All Payments made by the Cork City Council are processed through this office. Payments are generated weekly for goods and services provided to the City Council.

Wages, Salaries and Pensions are also paid weekly through this office.

General Payments

The General payments office ensures that payments to suppliers and contractors are paid promptly. This office also ensures all payments have been correctly treated in compliance with regulatory tax requirements. Tax Clearance Certificates are sought from all suppliers whose annual value of purchases/orders exceeds €10,000.

Certificates of clearance are not required if the supplier holds a valid sub-contractor C2 certificate. Withholding Tax is also deducted at source at the prescribed rate from payments for professional services, as is Relevant Contracts Tax from qualifying payments.

Contact Details

Accounts Payable,

Finance Department,

City Hall,


Tel: +353 21 4924664

Cork City Council Policy to all our suppliers and potential suppliers in relation to payment of invoices.



The Government has decided to reduce the payment period by the wider public sector, (HSE, Local Authorities and State Agencies) from 30 to 15 calendar days. This commitment takes effect in relation to valid invoices received on or after 1st July 2011. Any payments made after 30 days will continue to incur late payment interest.

In line with these commitments, this document sets out Cork City Council's policy in relation to the payment of invoices to its suppliers and potential suppliers. This information is available on our website.

Cork City Council's Commitment

Cork City Council is committed to:

  • Paying our suppliers within a timeframe of 15 days. The 15 day period will commence from the day on which Cork City Council receives a valid invoice at its designated address.
  • Monitoring our payment system regularly to ensure that payments are processed in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that we have a system in place to deal with disputes or queries efficiently. All efforts will be made to deal with disputes within 10 days.
  • Fostering good relationships with our suppliers and providing contact details for dealing with staff.
  • Giving clear guidance to suppliers on their role in ensuring timely payment of invoices.

Payment Methods

Cork City Council's preferred payment method is by means of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and in this regard our Accounts Payable Section will write to suppliers for relevant bank account details. In the case of all electronic payments, a payment notification giving details of the payment will be sent to the supplier by e-mail (where an e-mail address is provided) or by post.

While it is not a preferred payment method, payment can also be made by Payable Order (cheque) at present. Where payment is made by cheque, an attached advice note will provide details of the payment.

What is a valid invoice?

Cork City Council can only pay original valid invoices from a supplier. We cannot pay on the basis of statements, copy invoices, altered invoices, invoices not addressed to Cork City Council, or emails. Cork City Council can only pay invoices once the goods and/or services have been received. Suppliers are asked to provide also a copy of proof of delivery with the valid invoice as this will help to reduce any delays where goods have been delivered to a remote location.

Role of our Suppliers

a) Please ensure the following details are provided in all contacts with Cork City Council:

1. The name of the business or company you represent;

2. Relevant invoice number;

3. Purchase Order Number;

4. The name and contact details of Cork City Council point of contact and that invoices are posted to the relevant   person/section in Cork City Council;

5. The date of the invoice;

6. The amount of the invoice;

7. The invoice address; and

8. A description of the goods or service provided to Cork City Council.

9. VAT Registration Number

b) Please ensure that Cork City Council has a valid up to date Tax Clearance Cert or C2 at all times.

How we will deal with disputed invoices or seek clarification?

If Cork City Council receives an invoice where there is a dispute or an issue to be clarified concerning the amount or detail on the invoice, we will contact the supplier immediately (both by phone and in writing) setting out the following details:

  • The date and the invoice number that the dispute is related to;
  • The amount in dispute;
  • The nature and reason for the dispute;
  • Any supporting documentation available.

The undisputed amount of the invoice will be paid by the due date.


If, as a supplier to Cork City Council, you are not happy with the quality of the service you have received from Cork City Council, or wish to complain about a late payment received, you should contact us directly. We welcome all feedback and will deal with your complaints/suggestions in a timely and confidential manner.

The step to be followed is set out below:

In the first instance you should make direct contact (in writing/by telephone/e-mail) with the person/section with whom you have been dealing with in Cork City Council and outline in as much detail as possible the nature of your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the timeliness or nature of the response you should contact Mr. Barry O'Hare, Financial Accountant who will follow up your concerns and respond directly to you.

Cork City Council hopes that this policy will improve our service and expedite our payments to you. Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.



The Wages Office ensures all waged Council receive their payment on a weekly basis making the relevant PAYE, PRSI, Superannuation and Voluntary deductions. Pay Advice Slips are also issued to all staff.

Contact Details 

Finance Department,
City Hall, Cork.

Tel: + 353 21 4924282



This Office ensures all salaried Council Staff receive their salary/pension on a weekly basis making the relevant PAYE, PRSI, Superannuation and Voluntary deductions. Pay Advice Slips are also issued to all relevant staff through this office.

Contact Details

Finance Department,
City Hall,

Tel: +353 21 4924653