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  • Advertising Campaigns
    The 20/20 vision campaign has been advertised through a variety of media, e.g. on refuse collection trucks local newspapers, bus stops, etc. The purpose of these advertisements was to increase public awareness of the 20/20 vision campaign and the Cork Waste Management Strategy.
  • Public Education Campaign
    A series of articles have been published on local newspapers and broadcast on local TV. These articles provide information on the Cork Waste Management Strategy and the three Rs.
  • School visits
    Primary and Secondary schools are visited and given presentations on Waste Management and the three "Rs". A video on Waste Management in Cork is also shown (this video was produced as part of the Waste Management Strategy). The purpose of these visits is to show students what happens to the refuse produced in their homes and schools after collection and to encourage them to recycle as much of their refuse as possible.
  • Green Awards
    The principal green award scheme is the green flag scheme for schools which recognises the efforts of students to improve their school environment by implementing a waste management scheme. The applicants generally (a) perform an audit of waste production and (b) examine the purchasing policy in their school. They are then required to improve the current situation through the implementation of some waste management measures (e.g. purchase of recycled goods, implementation of composting schemes, etc.). It is planned to introduce some other green award schemes for other sectors (e.g. Failte Glas Campaign for hotels).