Cork Docklands Sustainable Development

Cork Docklands are set in a beautiful location to the east of the City Centre and cover an area of 166 hectares of land on both banks of the River Lee, with 4 kilometres of waterfront. In Docklands there will be 352,722m2 (approximately 5,900 units) for residential uses and 351,567m2 for non-residential uses. Cork Docklands Development Plan sets out a 20 years vision for a new urban quarter characterised by high quality design; residential, employment and leisure opportunities; sustainable development and a superb quality of live in a high-density urban setting.

The Environment Directorate and Docklands Directorate of Cork City Council have appointed Cork City Energy Agency, in conjunction with Geology Department of UCC, to undertake a ground water research study to determine the feasibility of using the potential geothermal resource beneath the Docklands area to heat the buildings. Two 30m deep boreholes have already been drilled and the quality, quantity and temperature of the ground water in Docklands will be assessed. The study will also investigate the environmental impact related to long-term continuous pumping activity which is likely to take place when geothermal heating system is set up with large scale developments. A groundwater flow modelling software will be employed to assess the behaviour of the aquifer beneath the Docklands in response to continuous abstractions of groundwater for geothermal heating.

The results of the Docklands Geothermal feasibility and environmental impact study will determine the maximum volumes of groundwater that can safely be abstracted, and will give detail direction and suggestion to the developers in Docklands to meet the sustainable development plan of Docklands. In addition, the investigation will aid the location of re-injection wells for the spent water after it leaves the heat pump, which will assist in the control of the aquifer beneath Cork City.

Cork City Docklands

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To know more about Geothermal Heating System: There are already several sites within Cork City heated by geothermal heating system: Lifetime Lab, New Civic Office and the Lewis Glucksmann Gallery in UCC.

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