Governments Grants

Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) operates a number of programmes that provide financial support to demonstrate superior energy technologies or provide essential support in specifically identified sectors. Please click on the programme links below for more information.

  • Low Carbon Homes -  This Programme will provide financial support for the construction of large developments of highly energy efficient, low carbon housing.  
  • Home Energy Saving Scheme - This Scheme provides assistance to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs, greenhouse gas emissions and improve the comfort levels within their home.

  • Greener Home Scheme - The third phase of the Greener Homes Scheme is now available and provides assistance to homeowners who intend to purchase a new renewable energy heating system for existing homes.

  • Re-Heat Program - Provides assistance for the use of renewable energy heating systems in industrial, commercial, public and community premises in Ireland. The Programme is an expansion of the previous Bioheat Boiler Programme which supported woodchip or wood pellet boilers only.  The new programme also supports the installation of solar panels and heat pumps.

  • Warmer Home Scheme - This Programme provides funding to Community Based Organisations for the installation of energy efficiency measures in low income dwellings in their area. The homes to receive support through the Programme are specifically identified by the Community Based Organisations.