Energy Saving Tips at Home

Energy Saving Tips Poster at Home(492KB)

Replace your light bulbs with CFL!

Go and buy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) to  replace your traditional light bulbs now! A 20watt CFL gives the same light level as a 100watt traditional bulb, and lasts up to 15 times longer. The initial purchase price of a CFL bulb is more than a standard bulb but it will pay back its purchase price in 4 months and it will save as much as €180 in its lifetime.

Eliminate Standby energy use

Many appliances use energy after being turned off when they are left plugged into electrical sockets. To avoid this, simply unplug your battery chargers and other plugs or adapters when they are not in use. Standby energy use accounts up to 10% of total energy consumption worldwide. Follow this tip, and our collective action will make a great difference.

Enjoy eco-friendly A-rating appliances!

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient, buy energy efficient appliances.  An appliance with an A or B energy rating have the highest energy efficiently and will save you money in the long term.

Turn appliances off when not using them

In order to save energy and money, computers, printers, televisions, lights, and other home appliances should be turned off when they are not being used.  A 100 watt lamp left on 24 hours a day will cost €150 a year to run so always remember to turn them off when you are leaving the room.

Plasma TV is an electronics SUV in your home

The sales of plasma TVs is now booming in the market. The screen is large and provides good image quality. But did you know that a plasma screen which is 50% bigger than a traditional one consumes four times more energy! Now, do you really need a 50 inch “4x4” in your home?

Run your dish-washer only when it is full!

A half full dishwasher load does not use less energy than a full load as it consumes the same amount of hot water. In order to conserve energy, avoid using the heat-dry, rinse-hold and pre-rinse features. Your dishwasher’s air-dry or eco-wash option does less harm to the environment and also to your pocket.

Get cheaper electricity at night!

Avail of the NightSaver Tariff which is only half of the day price to operate your dishwasher and washing machine at night time. 

Sensibly control your heating system

Install a thermostat to control your home heating system. A simple device will improve the comfort in your home and make great savings that will repay the cost within a few months.  Set the thermostat at a comfortable 20oC. A 1oC decrease in your room temperature will reduce your heating bills by 10% and you will hardly notice any difference. It is not necessary to leave heating on all night. Switch it off before bedtime and set it to turn on half an hour before you get up. See how your heating bills change dramatically!

Curtains can help improve energy performance

Close the curtains at night to keep the heat in your room and make sure the curtain doesn’t hang over the radiator.


Consider improving the insulation in your home where possible. The cost of cavity wall insulation is typically €7-€10 per square metre. For a typical semi-detached house, this will give a total cost of about €600-€800. While the annual fuel savings will be about €120 - €280, you won’t wait for long before it pays back the cost.

Drive less

Carpool to work and consider walking or biking for short trips. Research shows 1/3 of all trips in Ireland are shorter than 5 km. Due to the ever increasing traffic congestion, cycling is the fastest means of transport into the city centre.

Keep your car fit!

Service you car regularly and keep the right tyre pressure; remove excess weight from your car. A well-maintained car will use less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Save on your monthly fuel bills by driving sensibly!

Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking are bad driving habits that can lower your fuel efficiency by 33%. Drive as smoothly as possible, maintain momentum, avoid quick starts and hard stops, you can save a lot of money and also keep yourself safe.

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