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Learning Festival 2015

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The 12th Cork Lifelong Learning Festival will take place from Monday March 23 to Sunday March 29, 2015.

Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival promotes and celebrates learning of all kinds, across all ages, interests and abilities, from pre-school to post retirement.

The festival’s motto is Investigate, Participate, Celebrate, and the public can do that by watching demonstrations, trying out skills, and seeing others, from the young to the old, show off what they are learning.

Since it started in 2004, it has grown from 65 to about 500 different events. During festival week all events are free and everyone is welcome.

Learning is promoted as fun with events including performances, debates, taster sessions, tours, displays, demonstrations. They take place right across Cork in a variety of venues indoors and out, including on water, and in shopping centres, libraries, museums, resource and community centres, parks, sportsgrounds and on the streets.

They are organised by people all over the city, who get together to run events, many in their local neighbourhoods, opening up their premises to the public to come in and discover the opportunities for learning available.

For information or clarifcation contact Tina Neylon, Festival Co-ordinator, on 086 603 5552 or 021 492 4527 email:

View the full Lifelong Learning Festival 2015 brochure, or click below for daily listings

For details of the Lifelong Learning Festival Fringe Events please click on Fringe Events link.

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