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Welcome to the Corporate & External Affairs Directorate

Leagan Ghaeilge

The Corporate & External Affairs Directorate has responsibility for Cork City Council services in the general purpose area. This includes services relating to:

Secretariat for servicing the meeting of the City Council and Committees:

Secretarial services for the Lord Mayor and City Manager

  • Secretarial services for the Lord Mayor
  • Secretarial services for the City Manager
  • Secretarial services for Senior Management Team

Civic Events

  • Arranging Civic Receptions and Mayoral Receptions

Public Relations and Communications

Miscellaneous Services

Register of Electors & Local Elections

  • Compilation of Register of Electors (annual)
  • Preparation of Polling Scheme
  • Arranging and conducting of Local Elections


Contact Details :

Corporate & External Affairs Directorate,

Cork City Council,

City Hall,

Cork, Ireland.

Direct Dial Telephone No. +353 21 4924378 / +353 21 4924364

Fax: +353 21 4314238


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