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The Franchise section is responsible for preparing and publishing the Register of Electors each year. The Register is a list of all persons who are entitled to vote at elections and referenda.

The Register comes into force on the 15th of February each year. A Draft Register is published on 1st November and this may be inspected free of charge at City Hall, Post Offices, Garda Stations and Libraries. Claims for amendment to the draft or for addition or deletion of names must be made to the Franchise Office by 25th November. The County Registrar rules on these appeals. Any person aggrieved by a decision of the County Registrar may appeal to the Circuit Court.   

Supplements to the Register are published prior to any election or referendum.  

Register of Electors 

Local Authorities now have an obligation to prepare two versions of the Register of Electors – the edited register and the full register. The Edited Register will contain the names and addresses of persons, who have indicated that their details can be used for direct marketing use by a commercial or other organisation. The Full Register lists everyone, who is entitled to vote, and once the Edited Register has been published, the Full Register can only be used for an electoral or other statutory purpose. You are required to indicate whether or not you wish to have your details included on the Edited Register.


While every resident is entitled to be registered, the registration authority needs to know a person’s citizenship to determine at which elections a person may vote. The right to vote is as follows:

  • Irish Citizens may vote at every election and referendum
  • British Citizens may vote at Dáil, European and local elections only
  • Other EU Citizens may vote at European and local elections only
  • Non-EU Citizens may vote at local elections only

It is an offence to fail to give the registration authority any information required for the purposes of its duties or to give false information.

Application for Registration  

Next year’s Register of Electors is now being compiled. Ensure that you and members of your household will be registered by completing and returning the PDF form (below) immediately.  

Tá leagan Gaeilge den cháipéis seo are fáil ach é a iarraidh ar do údarás clárúcháin áitiúil (féach an seoladh ar a chúl seo).

Is féidir gnó a dhéanamh trí ghaeilge. 

Be Sure to Include:

  • Every person over 18 living at your address
  • 17 year olds who will be 18 by 15th February next
  • Anyone who normally lives at your address but is temporarily away

Do Not Include:

  • A visitor staying temporarily at your address
RFA3 Iarratas le bheith ar an bhForlíonadh do Chlár na dToghthóirí 2018/2019(210KB)

RFA3 Application for Inclusion in Supplement to 2018/2019 Register of Electors(210KB)

RFA2 Iarratas le bheith ar an bhForlíonadh do Chlár na dToghthóirí 2018/2019(223KB)

RFA2 Application For Inclusion in Supplement to 2018/2019 Register of Electors(220KB)

RFA5 - Change of Citizenship to Irish(116KB)

PV1 Application for Inclusion - Postal Vote (illness or disability)(281KB)

PV2 Application for Inclusion - Postal Vote (Occupation or Student)(259KB)

Treoir maidir le Clár na dToghthóirí(21KB)

Guide to Register of Electors (PDF)(191KB)

Useful Telephone Numbers:
021 4924107
021 4924108
021 4924109   

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