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The 1st phase of the Glen Regeneration Project was completed in 2006. This followed the development of a Master Plan for regenerating the housing estates within the Glen area which were originally built in the early 1970’s. The original housing estates, which included a number of free-standing flat blocks, were generally poorly planned and in many areas suffered from vandalism and anti-social behaviour. The aspiration of the Master Plan is to create a sustainable urban community with a good integration of quality housing, community facilities and open space.

Phase 1 of the Regeneration took in an area of approximately 90 existing houses and 3 flat blocks totalling 54 apartments located in Arderin Way and Comeragh Park.

The regeneration involved using new infill housing to occupy areas prone to anti-social behaviour and provide passive supervision of public space. A series of new, mainly single-storey terraced houses were used to form a coherent edge to the development where it meets the Glen amenity park, with the re-formed embankment to the park planted with native trees and shrubs in keeping with local  biodiversity.

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Much needed community facilities were provided in the form of a day-care centre which overlooks the Glen Park. The centre is flanked by a care-taker’s apartment, and opens onto a semi-private landscaped garden which is shared with a number of the residential units. Additional community facilities will be provided as part of subsequent phases of the Regeneration.

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One of the existing flat blocks was demolished and the other two refurbished to provide a more sustainable mix of housing with private outdoor space and better security. The photographs above show a typical flat block prior to and after refurbishment.

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Much of the unresolved public space was addressed by extending private space out to the existing road network, which allowed for new gardens and boundary walls as well as new driveways or parking bays to be provided to the existing houses. A new green space was created in the centre of the scheme.


32 No. 2-bedroom single storey houses;

1 No. 3-bedroom single storey houses;

2 No. 4-bedroom two storey houses;

24 No. 2-bedroom apartments;

12 No. 3-bedroom two storey duplex units;

1 No. day care centre and care-taker’s apartment;

New front boundary treatment to 84No. existing houses.

Project Team:

Client Cork City Council 
Main Contractor  Pierse Contracting Ltd.
Architect  City Architects Department, Cork City Council 
Quantity Surveyor James P. McGrath and Associates 
Consulting Engineer Ray Keane and Associates 
M&E Engineer  Matt O'Mahony and Associates 
Landscape Architects  Cunnane Stratton Reynolds