Variation No. 9 Farranlea Road

Variation (No. 9) Cork City Development Plan 2004 – Farranlea Road

Notice is hereby given that Cork City Council has, in pursuance of the provisions of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2002, made a Variation No. 9 of the Cork City Development Plan 2004 on the 13th October 2008.

A link to the adopted variation can be found below. Alternatively the document can be:

·  Inspected at the Planning Department, City Hall, Cork between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday exclusive of Bank Holidays; or

· Purchased at a reasonable cost from the Planning Department at City Hall.

Cork City Council has varied the Cork City Development Plan 2004 to change the zoning of a 1.4ha site on Farranlea Road (as shown on Figure 10.5, South West Sector zoning map in the Cork City Development Plan 2004) from “Sports Grounds” to “Residential, Community and Local Services”.  The specific objective for this site shall be that its use is restricted to a Community Health Facility.

Variation No.9 Farranlea Road(253KB)

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The City Council has completed a “screening” of the proposed variation and has made a decision (MO 5041/2008) that an Environmental Assessment of the proposed strategic policy is not necessary. Please see attached PDF document for a full statement regarding this decision.

Variation No.9 SEA Statement (44KB)