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Focus of the ICT Department

The main focus of the department is the provision of technical and business process expertise and information systems which will support decision making across the organisation, promoting increased effectiveness and efficiencies in the delivery of services. 

The size and complexity of the City Council’s ICT estate is significant with:

  •  Over 150 information systems supported, ranging from Tier 1 ERP solutions to bespoke solutions for directorates such as Roads and Transportation and Housing and Community 
  • An on-line presence of over 20 website showcasing the vibrancy of the city and the services and civic event promoted by the City Council.
  • A Wide Area Network of over 40 locations including civic offices, depots, fire stations and cemeteries using technologies such as Fibre, Wireless, DSL and the Metropolitan Area Network.
  • 2 data centres comprising a mix of over 100 virtual and physical servers, 3 digital storage repositories replicated for resilience and business continuity
  • Over 900 desktop devices with a mix of staff and 150 public library PCs, standard desktops and high-end devices for computer aided design (CAD)
  • An IP telephony inventory of over 800 phones
  • A mobile device estate of over 600 mobile phones and tablets
  • A Managed Print Services contract of 30 multi-functional devices and 4M+ prints
  • A free public wifi service to over 20 locations across the city including civic offices, libraries, university campus and public parks.
  • On-line Services such as
    • Parking Fine Payments
    • Planning Enquiries
    • Register of Electors
    • community alerting and messaging